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Bio Gibson Glover is the rap duo made up of Euro P and Raw-Key The Icon out of K-Town Germany. Euro P comes from SC/NYC. Found his way to Germany in 96 and the love of hip hop grew stronger. K-Town Germany has one of the biggest loves for Real Hip Hop Music. Underground/BoomBap/Graffitti and Records Scratchin/Heavy Flowing/B-Boyin Real Love of Hip Hop. For Euro P it only made it stronger and start connecting with various K-Town artist who in the end started GND…(a coalition of K-Towns finest Mcz and producers). From there Euro P formed his first group Drastic Measures which later created in itself Muddy Trenchez. Now Euro P is a solo/independent artist still keepin it real with his old school roots and setting new foundation with GnG. Raw-Key the Icon was born in NC but came to Germany at 1 year old. Growing up in Germany you are introduced to a wide selection of music. Hip Hop just happened to become one of the top. Being from the same group of friends as Euro P its no wonder why GnG has such a genuine hunger for Real Hip Hop. Raw-Key the Icon started out with the Street Advocates in 04 which was also under the GND camp. Which in the end resulted in Euro P and Raw-Key the Icon forming into a lethal weapon duo. Gibson Glover has rocked venues and have an absolute lust for the stage. Opening for artist such as Method Man/Heltah Skeltah/Devin the Dude/Fler/Nyze/Afu-Ra to name a few and also have collabed on songs with 3rd Digala (wu-affiliate) on DSV1/DSV2 which was hosted by 106 and park legendary MegaTron (RIP)…Dj Young Carveli (Shadyville Djs)…Wowski (C-Saw Records duo outta Kingston, Jamaica) and Nyze Air from ErsGuterJunger…and of course Coast2Coast Mixtape Dj and official MTV artist Dj Chemo. Be on the look out for a lot of projects coming from Gibson Glover produced by 83Sound/GNN/DIGEM/DJCHEMO!
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